Mini T-Shirt Memory Quilt
Mini T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Custom Quilt

This is the must-have gift for graduation season, as childhood memories are stitched together and memories from home go wherever the kids you watched grow and prosper, wander.

Handmade t-shirt memory quilts are a heartfelt gift guaranteed to bring joy and love to anyone lucky enough to receive their own memories carefully captured and stitched together in a sophisticated work-of-fabric-art. Beautiful enough to hang on a wall as a unique tapestry of home or durable enough to throw on the dorm bed, Bitty Birdie Design t-shirt quilts are truly soft hugs from the milestones of life: places been, adventures taken, memories made.

Using only the highest quality, hand-selected fabrics to compliment your personalized t-shirts selected, Bitty Birdie Design lovingly connects memory after memory, shirt after shirt, into a heirloom blanket of warmth and love guaranteed to bring joy and gratitude for years to come. Keep the memories made close to heart and on display with a handmade, personalized t-shirt quilt to the people who matter most to you.

Our custom-made t-shirt quilts carefully preserve into a custom-made keepsake to be treasured and loved for years to come. Perfect to commemorate graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, these fabric keepsakes are the utmost personal gift from the heart, to wrap the lucky recipient in warmth and love and memories for years.

CARE: Machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle. Dry in dryer or air dry.

  • Perfect high school grad gift
  • Finished size 48 x 48 inches
  • Custom quilt made from nine t-shirts
  • Fabric keepsakes (baby items, i.e.) can be included.
  • Perfect for dorm wall display